Empowering Women in Business: Celebrating Lauren Bryant’s Impact and Philanthropy

Angelica Kopec

For International Women’s Day, we’re shining a spotlight on Lauren Bryant, a champion for small businesses and philanthropy. Lauren has dedicated over 15 years to guiding entrepreneurs toward their potential, streamlining their operations through innovative systems and education. Beyond her professional accomplishments, she’s the force behind Empower House, supporting vital charitable causes.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, She Knows Business wanted to highlight a female business owner and Pay-It-Forward with a financial reward of $250 to enjoy a day of pampering themselves — Lauren requested to offer the money to her chosen charity; this further emphasizes her generous mindset and standing as an inspirational leader. Join us in celebrating Lauren’s impactful contributions to both the business world and societal well-being.

Lauren’s chosen charity is The Sanctuary Refuge who provides shelter, safety, comfort, nutrition, and case management counselling for women and children to help repair the trauma associated with domestic violence.

Lauren Bryant is an accomplished and award-winning small business specialist dedicated to helping entrepreneurs achieve their best business potential through strategic planning, streamlined systems, and simplified education. With over 15 years of hands-on experience in small business management, Lauren is committed to providing practical, comprehensive, and affordable business education and training to empower everyday business owners.

Lauren’s dedication and impact in the business world have been recognised through numerous prestigious awards, including the 2023 Asia Pacific Stevie Award for Innovative Management in Business Produce & Service – Gold Winner, 2023 Gold Coast Girls In Business Awards for Most Charitable Business, and 2022 Gold Coast Girls In Business Awards for Most Charitable Business, Innovation, and Business Woman Of The Year. She has also been a finalist in various categories at the Australian Small Business Champion Awards and the Australian Women’s Small Business Champion Awards.

Her expertise extends to hands-on setup, training, and integration of new and updated business systems, including websites, business management, accounting, and marketing systems. Lauren has successfully assisted start-ups and established businesses alike in establishing strong foundations, to scale and, in some cases, sell the business.

In 2016, Lauren founded Empower House with a vision to support local and national charities, including women’s refuges, mental health services, and homeless community support. Through the support of local business communities and event attendees, Empower House has raised thousands of dollars for charity over the years and continues to contribute to the vital work of these organizations.

Additionally, Lauren is the founder of ‘The Brunch Club,’ an innovative networking event and online community established in 2018. The Brunch Club is not your typical networking event—it combines the charm of a casual brunch with engaging TEDx-style talks. Attendees have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals in a relaxed setting, enjoying delicious food and drinks while listening to guest speakers who are leaders in their field.

What sets The Brunch Club apart is its commitment to a strictly no-sales, no-business-cards, and no-pressure networking environment. Lauren aims to create a space where attendees feel comfortable, supported, and welcomed. Instead of traditional business card exchanges, she encourages creative connections—whether it’s taking a selfie together, exchanging social media handles, or finding alternative ways to connect outside the box.

Each month, The Brunch Club hosts a new speaker, providing attendees with the opportunity to expand their knowledge, ask questions, and engage in meaningful conversations. Lauren’s dedication to fostering genuine connections and creating an inclusive networking experience makes The Brunch Club a standout event in the local business community.

Lauren is a powerhouse leader, a role model and genuine, heartfelt woman who is making a big impact — we thank you Lauren for her service to the community and to charity.