Angelica Kopec, She Knows Business CEO, Joins Forces with Celebrity Brow Artist, Influencer & Educator Jade Cook for Global Distribution of MUST HAVE beauty products from Brow Bible International®

Angelica Kopec

She Knows Business CEO Angelica Kopec, a Multi-Venture Partner, Investor, and Official Member of the Forbes Business Development Council, is set to redefine beauty industry standards as the co-owner of Brow Bible International® alongside renowned Beauty Industry Thought-Leader and Brow Expert, Jade Cook.

Teaming up with Jade Cook, an influential thought leader in the beauty space, the duo aims to elevate Brow Bible International® to unprecedented heights.

Angelica Kopec’s entry into the beauty world not only adds an exciting dimension to her diverse portfolio but also heralds a transformative journey for Brow Bible International®. Known for her unique approach and strategic vision, Kopec’s collaboration with Jade Cook promises to make waves in the beauty industry as they set their sights on the global distribution of their high-end brow styling products.

Angelica Kopec’s extensive and enviable global network ensures that Brow Bible International®’s ‘Best Seller’, the Lift & Lock eyebrow lamination styling product, will reach beauty enthusiasts in key markets worldwide.

She shares her enthusiasm about this venture, saying, “Joining forces with Jade Cook and Brow Bible International® is an exciting journey opportunity for me to build on Jade’s incredible success in the beauty industry – she’s amassed connections with over 10,000 salons internationally, and a respected social following as a celebrity Brow Artist. This collaboration allows me to dive into the beauty industry, explore new horizons, and contribute my strategic insights to an already thriving brand and sell a consumer product that I am proud of.  It was important for me to align with an expert that understands the importance I place on natural and organic ingredients, and high-end products. From the luxury packaging to the thought-fully considered ingredients, everything about  Brow Bible International®’s products feels high-caliber. I cannot wait to make this the top of everyone’s ‘MUST HAVE’ list this year!”

Jade Cook, co-owner and beauty trendsetter, added, “Angelica’s passion for innovation and business excellence perfectly aligns with our vision at Brow Bible International®. Together, we’re gearing up to redefine beauty standards, set new trends in the industry and reach international markets online and in retail stores. Angelica’s global network is a game-changer for Brow Bible International®, this strategic advantage will not only amplify our presence but also allow us to introduce our innovative products to a diverse audience on a global scale.”

The initial focus of this dynamic partnership will be on Brow Bible International® standout product, the Lift & Lock eyebrow lamination styling product. The global distribution strategy will kick off in key markets such as the United Arab Emirates, Europe, and the United States.

Stay tuned as Angelica Kopec and Jade Cook guide Brow Bible International® on an exhilarating journey, taking the beauty world by storm. The global distribution of their revolutionary products is set to redefine beauty standards and cater to a diverse and expansive audience.

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